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The Journal of American History is always looking for qualified reviewers for books and articles. To be qualified, a reviewer should have either a PhD in American history or a related field, professional experience in the teaching or presentation of the history of America, or publications in the field. It is crucial that prospective reviewers indicate their areas of interest and publications on the reviewer data sheet since we use this information to identify reviewers who have expertise in the particular subject matter of the book or article being reviewed.

Please email if you have questions.

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Areas of Expertise

In what areas of United States history are you competent and willing to review books and article manuscripts? Our current set of categories, which is always changing, is listed below. Please check those categories which apply.




Additional Information

I am an OAH member.

I am interested in reviewing in languages other than English.

I am interested in reviewing collections.

I am interested in reviewing digital history projects.

I would like to be considered for opportunities to work with the National Park Service on historical research projects or historical reviews through the OAH-NPS collaboration program.

I am interested in writing for the OAH Process blog.


Please add any publications you are an author of. You may add as many publications as you like.

Optional Information

Please list any museum exhibits, movies, television programs, commemorations, consultancies, or public history projects that you have worked or participated in.

List some specific keywords (not included in the expertise that you checked on the previous page) that further describe your expertise. Separate keywords with a semicolon. E.g. keyword1;keyword2;keyword3

Can you suggest other reviewers, including scholars in other fields (sociology, political science, etc.)? Include contact information, if possible.

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